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Concealed Carry VI - Low Light Shooting

Cost is $175.


Concealed Carry 6 is a 4 hour class that introduces low light & flashlight technique into the Concealed Carry environment.  Half the class will be spent in the class room learning the skills needed to use a flashlight and firearm at the same time as well as reloading and malfunction clearing.  The other half will be spent on the range firing your weapon in a self defense, low light fashion not target shooting. 


This is not a “learn to shoot” class.  CC6 will draw from skills learned in CC2, CC3, CC4 & CC5 as well as introducing the following new topics:


  • Understanding basic principals of low light tactics

    Multiple flashlight techniques

    Reloads in low light

    Malfunctions and their clearing procedures in low light

    Illumination, movement, verbal commands & shooting at the same time

    Combination Point & Sighted Fire drills 



Please bring the following gear to class:


  • Must have firearms license or have completed prior live fire training.
  • Pistol or revolver of your choice (if needed we can provide a handgun at no cost) 
  • Concealment Holster
  • Extra magazine, speed loader or reloading device
  • Magazine or speed loader holder (you can use your pocket if that's how you plan to carry, not recommended)
  • Concealment Garment
  • 150 rounds of handgun ammunition (available for purchase in our retail store)
    • A flashlight.  (Weapon mounted lights are welcome, however you should still bring a hand held flash light.)



The Instructor for this class is:


Robert MacQuarrie (SWAT)
Franklin Police Department Training Officer (Firearms, Active Shooter, Less Lethal)
Firearms Instructor, Massachusetts Police Training Committee
Metro-LEC. Former Regional S.W.A.T. & R.R.T. Teams 

****Please Note: This is not a learn to shoot class. Attendees must have a proficient understanding of their firearm, including loading, unloading, and firing the firearm safely. If you would like to better familiarize yourself with your firearm before taking this class, please sign up for a Personal Range Time with an MFS Instructor 

Concealed Carry VI



In this shooting class you will learn the skills to effectively draw and shoot your conceal carry handgun in low light conditions.


I thought it would be hard to get a firearms license in Boston. MFS explained every step of the process and made it very easy to understand. My friends could not believe how quickly I got my license.
James from Boston