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Firearms License Classes

Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course

Private Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course

Utah Nonresident CCW Class

Ladies Only Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course

Connecticut License to Carry Class Part 2

Specialty Training

NRA Instructor Certification Course

Concealed Carry IV

Boston/Brookline Moon Island Practice Test

Personal Range Time with an MFS Instructor

MFS Armed Defense in the Home

Concealed Carry I

Concealed Carry II

Responding to the Active Shooter

Self Defense Rifle I

Pepper Spray I

Judgmental Tactics Class

Youth Safety & Marksmanship Range Session

Introduction to Low Light Shooting

Concealed Carry III

Survival Skills I

Concealed Carry V

Introduction to Shooting Handguns & Rifles

Self Defense Shotgun I

When you train for your firearms license at Mass Firearms, not only will you receive comprehensive instruction from skilled professionals, but you'll also experience the largest gun education and Police and the National Rifle Association, will work with you in small classes to ensure you receive the hands-on training you need to improve your shooting skills. Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with instructors as they handle real firearms. Additionally, there is live-fire shooting in every one of our licensing classes ensuring students leave feeling confident in their shooting abilities.

We offer a wide range of courses, from our four-hour Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course for beginners looking to obtain their state licenses and FID cards to our specialty training courses for intermediate- and expert-level shooters looking to refine their skills. Popular classes include our Concealed Carry Classes (I, II, III, IV), our Ladies-Only Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course and a variety of self-defense classes. You can even book personal range time in the shooting range with a certified instructor if you feel you need additional practice, or bring a guest to any BFS class for free if you prefer to train with a friend. When you choose to train for your Massachusetts LTC Class A or FID with us, we even offer you a 100% money-back guarantee and a Certification for Life Program in case you ever need to be recertified. Sign up for a class at our firearms school near Boston today to begin or continue your gun education!



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Train on the same equipment used by elite law enforcement and military personnel.


I participated in a class today. The instructor, Dan Donahue, was outstanding. He exemplified what a good instructor is all about. I’ve taken many classes over the years (not necessarily in firearms). However, in comparing this to others classes I’ve taken, this is by far one of the best. I look forward to attending many more classes.
Richard from Andover