Mass Firearms school

Judgmental Tactics Class


Cost is $150.   This 4 hour class will give you an understanding of how to use Lethal/Deadly force to defend yourself in a dangerous life or death situation.  Utilizing the latest technology in firearms simulation, students will be placed in real life situations where accuracy and proper judgment are a matter of life and death


These shoot / don’t shoot scenarios will test the student’s skills making decisions dealing with robberies, active shootings, car jackings and more.


This class is a must for anyone who has access to a firearm for the protection of life. This course is open to civilian, military, and law enforcement personnel.


  • The class covers a 20-30 minute lecture on the below material prior to scenario training:
    - Deadly/Lethal Force Law
    - Massachusetts Self Defense Law
    - Tactics and how to created an enhanced sense of awareness 


You will receive a certificate upon completion of this class.  Must be at least 18 years old.


The Instructors for these classes are law enforcement officers who bring real world experience to the classroom. 
Robert MacQuarrie (SWAT)

FranklinPolice Department Training Officer (Firearms, Active Shooter, Less Lethal)
Firearms Instructor, Massachusetts Police Training Committee
Metro-LEC. Regional S.W.A.T. & R.R.T. Teams



Our instructors are some of the most experienced in the state.


Train on the same equipment used by elite law enforcement and military personnel.

We have dedicated facilities for firearms training.

Take a class in our fully air conditioned facility.


I participated in a class today. The instructor, Dan Donahue, was outstanding. He exemplified what a good instructor is all about. I’ve taken many classes over the years (not necessarily in firearms). However, in comparing this to others classes I’ve taken, this is by far one of the best. I look forward to attending many more classes.
Richard from Andover