Mass Firearms school

Shooting and Handling Firearms 101

Cost is $25 per student.


We offer these 1hr live-fire hands-on instructional sessions at our Indoor Range & Shooting Sports Center. Session sizes are small ensuring every student gets plenty of personalized attention.


While this is not a class that meets Massachusetts requirements for the issuance of a firearms license it does include much of the hands-on content from that class. For the class that qualifies you for a Mass firearms permit click here.   


During the class students will recieve instruction including:


- Proper handling of firearms


- Loading and unloading firearms and magazines


- Proper shooting tecnique including one-on-one live-fire shooting with an MFS instructor


Ruger Mark III

Smith & Wesson Model 617

These are the firearms students will shoot during the class



During the class students will be instructed on the operation, handling, and shooting of several handguns.


I thought it would be hard to get a firearms license in Boston. MFS explained every step of the process and made it very easy to understand. My friends could not believe how quickly I got my license.
James from Boston